Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remove Neighbors from FarmVille

If you're like me then you've probably racked up a ton of FarmVille neighbors just by playing every day and accepting the neighbor request you receive through the game. They have a program called FarmVille Friends that allows you to add neighbors in your game without adding them as friends on your Facebook page. It's really quite handy if you're an avid player and can help you by getting tons of special deliveries among many other things.

The problem that you'll find is many new people start playing FarmVille everyday and they participate in the FarmVille Friends program as well. They will request many neighbors (sometimes you) and then decide the game isn't for them after a few days. That's when you'll find you have some neighbors that are very inactive or don't play at all. There is no point in having neighbors that don't play, they won't respond to your requests or send you gifts back. You are better off noting these players and removing them from your list of FarmVille neighbors.

Removing and Deleting Neighbors from Farmville (The new way)

Once you open the FarmVille game you'll want to look at the top of the screen where the tabs are located. The tabs are in order Free Gifts, Play, Add Neighbors, Invite Friends, Get Farm Cash, Game Cards. Click on the add neighbors tab and you'll be taken to a screen that has more tabs at the top. Click on the "current neighbors tab".

Now as you scroll through their names, a red X appears next to their name. Just click the X and then click confirm that you really want to remove them. And it's done!

Removing Neighbors from Farmville: Why?

There are obvious reason to remove neighbors from your FarmVille neighbor list. The main one is they don't play and won't be helping you. If you've noticed after several weeks of play or requesting things from a certain player and they haven't responded they may not be playing the game anymore. The only thing that may benefit you by keeping them as a neighbor would be to visit their farm and feed their chickens for a chance at mystery eggs. That's assuming they have a chicken coop up and it has chickens in it. Other than that there really is no benefit to keeping them as a neighbor.

Another thing I've noticed by keeping my neighbors limited to about 50 active players is the game runs faster. It doesn't take as long to load when I initially start. Also when sending gifts or requesting things from players it loads it sends the request much faster. I also seem to get less error messages this way. My spouse has about 100 neighbors and it takes twice as long to load the game. We often bring up the game and then go and do dishes or some other chore because it takes so long to load. FarmVille is a great game but anyone can get a little frustrated waiting on the darn thing to load sometimes.

How to Opt Out of FarmVille Friends Program

If you have all the neighbors you need and don't want to be bothered with anymore requests you can turn off the FarmVille Friends program. You simply open the game and click the add neighbors tab at the top of the screen. This will again bring you to the page where you can add and remove neighbors. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Directly underneath your neighbors and any pending neighbor requests you'll see a brown box. This brown box explains what the FarmVille Friends program is and gives you the option to opt out. Simply uncheck the box on the right hand side of the box and you're good to go!

That's all for removing neighbors from FarmVille! Remember keep note of your active neighbors and remove anyone who doesn't play to keep your game loading and playing faster! Have fun and keep on gaming GameVillers!

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Anonymous said...

This is all great advise. My suggestion would be for Facebook that hosts this game to update themselves and stop putting people into our lists that obviously do not want to or have never played I have several.. I shouldnt have to sit here clicking through 800 people on my list to see who is actively playing even the new hints under the names moderately active lie....I refuse to delete those I call friends who dont play because of some stupid power struggle between facebook and farmville. Yes I could name names of those people inundated by these requests. I shou,dnt have to call them out to get facebook to update. and make no mistake its a facebook issue.

Anonymous said...

This person is under the "plays farmville" tab and isn't listed under the "current neighbor" tab. How do I delete her? Thank you!

Rhonda Sanders said...

Thank you so much for the info. I really appreciate the help. Rhonda